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Otomen ep. 3 & Scans :)

first of all

Otomen ep. 3
This episode was a bit weird xD. Reminded me of "The Grudge" LOL
Akira was so scared when they were talking about the ghost.. he is such an オトメン ne?
Then when they were at the school at night.. The girl appeared but it wasn't a real ghost.. IT WAS
TACHIBANA LOL. WTF? He's so funny http://img174.imageshack.us/img174/3148/193v.gif
After that, I think Ryou was possessed by the ghost of the girl (??)

The Otomen Staff Blog was updated today lol

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Otomen ep. 2!

Watched ep. 2 on keyhole TV again!
but this time.. i missed the preview!!! T_T
it froze half way T__T


The English Teacher IS SO WEIRD! LOL what's with the faces xD
and the Homeroom teacher tried to kiss Asuka! NASKJDBAKJDBFA

Seto is exactly like Ariake in the manga ♥!
I loved when the dad was like "you look like a girl" or something like that hahaha
Asuka's mom is weird too. tempting Asuka! 

Seventeen  200909 & Soup 2009.09

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Today was boring, Nothing exciting happened :(
like every other day...
Good thing i get paid tomorrow! i'll have some cash to waste lol
i've ben feeling week these past days, i dont know why
i need to make an appointment with the doctor one of these days...

Remember Shiraizawa? 

(thanks to baidu ^)

I wanna see kisses like the HYDF ^ in dramas.. the drama kisses
are always sucky lol  *daydreaming mode*



Watching Dance Drill right now :)
funny~ Kato Rosa and Eikura Nana are so cute lol
and Massu too lol

Well since Rie said i should
i made a drama list... it's a short one cuz i havent watched many

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I dont remember more lol
there's so many i need to watch!



So it's been like 4 days??
school is keeping me so busy! i have drama rehersal everyday from 3:3o
til 5 pm @__@ then i get home and i take a 3 hours nap LOL

i regret trying out for that stupid musical >___> im so bad at acting..
but it doesnt matter cuz im only in the ensemble =D

anywayz.. i feel like reading a good manga.. any suggestions??

but how come i havent heard of Haruma graduating!! AKSDNABF
maybe he didnt.. maybe he failed because he's been too busy and
now has to repeat his last year NOOOOOOOOOOOO~ 

gabcadfca! Mameshiba CONFESSED ♥♥♥♥♥
What is going to happen to the brothas?! asajfbaskjfbakf
i want mei with rihito but i also love mameshiba @________@
AND TAMI IS EEVEHL! that was shocking! I HATE LUCIA